The Must-Have-App for all Foodies & Entertainment Buffs!

Planning a night out? The MyEats App streamlines your search to find the perfect spot. It connects you to the best Specials, exclusive MyEats Deals, and tonight's Entertainment at your favourite local restaurants.

MyEats uses E-punch technology, which adds a new spin to the old punch card system. Dine-In on 5 separate occasions at participating locations, and you will be rewarded from the convenience of your phone. The more you eat, the more you win!

How it works


Use the Search function to discover the best restaurants to satisfy your taste!

Eat to Win

Dine in on 5 separate occasions at participating restaurants to receive a loyalty reward from that location!

Specials & Deals

See who is serving the best "eats" and receive exclusive deals only offered through the MyEats App!


MyEats will keep you updated on your favorite event line-ups!

Favorites & Reviews

"Favourite" your preferred restaurants in order to receive notifications on specials, deals and events. Be sure to leave a review and share your experience!